Terms & Conditions

  • Dogs need to be delivered (no collection available)
  • Your dog will have individual, one on one care
  • Your dog will never be left alone for any longer than they are used to (dog dependent – except in emergencies)
  • If any emergency arises I will ensure short term emergency care for your dog
  • Your dog will never be off the lead
  • Your dog will be muzzled (if required)
  • Dogs will not be permitted to sleep on our private beds
  • Text/photos can be sent regularly to provide updates
  • Greycations will be re-imbursed for any veterinary bills should incidents occur
  • Please note that we are unable to accept any dogs with diabetes or epilepsy
Deposit: To book your dog’s stay with me 50% of the boarding fee is due as a deposit to secure the booking. This deposit is non refundable in the event of customer cancellation. The remainder of the boarding fee is due prior to arrival in the first day of their stay. ***Payment of deposit confirms that the owner has agreed to the terms and conditions above***